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Focus on the Family Foster Adoption Resources
We believe that adoption is a beautiful, God-ordained covenant relationship. However, it is not without difficulty. Adoptive families may face challenges and be forced to deal with issues that many other families don’t. However, there is HOPE in the midst of this struggle.

As Focus on the Family strives to recruit adoptive families for waiting children and youth, we also want to help prepare families. In addition to the resources we produce, we provide advanced training for licensed counselors in conjunction with the TCU Institute on Child Development in order to increase access to the type of counseling adoptive families need. Additionally, we provide scholarships to families to attend various adoption support conferences like the Refresh Conference and Empowered to Connect.

Our contact center is also a readily-available resource for families. Our staff understand the unique needs of adoptive families and are ready to answer questions and recommend appropriate resources for families.

They can be reached at 1-800-A-FAMILY