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Wait No More

You can make a difference

You can make a difference
Christians have a clear command to care for children, and there are many ways to get involved—praying, giving, mobilizing your church, fostering, or adopting. However you decide to make a difference, we’ll provide guidance and support as you walk down this incredibly rewarding path. Our hope is that you will begin to see the face of Christ in these precious children!

“I really don’t know that we would have started foster care if we hadn’t gone to the [Wait No More] event. Because it really gave us confidence that it was what God was leading us to do.”

Kristen Hobbs

Foster & Adoptive Mom


Your donation goes to support Wait No More and helps prepare hearts and homes for kids in foster care.

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Reach out to the Wait No More team for additional information about foster care or adoption from foster care, or to learn more about supporting families.