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Your role is a very personal decision.

Go ahead and watch this video to get started. It’s the first of many helpful articles, videos, and resources you can explore.
Getting involved in foster care and adoption is a very personal decision.
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God knows your capacity to give, serve, and love.

Foster care and adoption are beautiful, intense callings. Not everyone is ready to take this step and it’s 100% okay to feel that way.

There is no “just” when it comes to a child. Just a meal. Just a donation. Just a night off. It’s all blessing. And you never know what your action will mean in a moment.

Be open to what God is saying in your heart as you read over the options. He will lead you where His grace has provided.

Family that's for now.

Foster families get to love a child for a season, as the image of Jesus, until the child’s parents get on their feet. There is little control and big room for impact.
A group of foster kids smile and laugh.
Adoptive family takes a family photo.

Family that's forever.

Adoptive families are there for it all. They take on the future of a child. This includes their trauma, healing, and (in some cases) birth family relationship.

Family that steps up.

Kinship care is for those who already know the child in need — as extended family, a coach, etc. They have seen the struggle and step up in a fostering role.

Coach plays soccer with a young boy and girl.
A group of parents meet and support each other.

Allies who wrap around.

Family allies commit to supporting an individual foster or adoptive family. They are close friends, future friends, neighbors, church community, etc.

Looking for other ways to get involved?

Your help is very important. Follow the link for other ways you can come alongside our mission.
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