Suitcase Bundle Program

Every kid deserves something to call their own. This suitcase bundle does much more than hold stuff.

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We want the suitcase to carry the weights in their lives.

Foster care is a jarring experience for a child. It’s moving here. It’s moving there. Back. Forth. Stop. Go. Life is in a state of rapid change until they (hopefully) find their forever home.

This suitcase is a constant and caring reminder in the middle of the moves. It’s something they can keep with them, to remind them they are very loved and a valuable child of God.

What's inside?

The Wait No More™ team collaborates with on-the-ground organizations and ministries to provide these bundles at no cost. We all thought it should come with a surprise or two.

Every suitcase has three things inside: a Bible, a teddy bear, and a handwritten letter to remind the child how much he/she is loved. And there’s the suitcase too. It’s far more helpful than you can imagine, even though it points us to a hard reality of life.

A Bible
A teddy bear
A "loved" letter

Sponsor a bundle

This is a great place to get started. Your gift will give a child in foster care a constant source of love and encouragement. Your finances can do amazing work in the right hands.

Supporting kids in foster care.

Lead an Effort

If you are a church, organization or agency and would like to request suitcase bundles, we’d love to collaborate. And if you have a great idea for your local area, we’d love to hear about that too.

Become a distributor site

Have a bunch of space you’re willing to use for a suitcase event?   Are you connected to a church, agency, organization or ministry that might want suitcase bundles?  You can facilitate a massive outpouring of blessings for kids and families in your local area.

Think of it like a pop-up shop. All components of the suitcase bundle are shipped to your location for your team to assemble. The cost of items and shipping is covered.

The only decision you have to make is — can my space be a blessing?