A Wonderful Work in Progress










Share the story below with your child. Hand motions are provided throughout. Use these — or create your own — to bring the story to life together.


Jeremiah was a prophet.

‍(Cup hands around mouth.)

He taught others about God and shared messages from Him.

(Point a finger up.)

“Go to the pottery shop,” God told him. “There, I will tell you what to say to everyone.”

(Walk in place.)

When Jeremiah got there, he saw someone making clay pots.

(Place hand over your brow.)

But when something went wrong, the potter turned the clay into something else.

(Crumple your hands together. Then, stack your fists together.)

Then, God spoke to Jeremiah. “I am all-powerful,” God said.

(Point a finger up.)

“I am like the potter with the clay.”

(Stack your fists together.)

We are like clay jars. God shapes us.

(Stack your fists together.)

We do not shape ourselves. We hurt. But we are never destroyed.

(Crumple your hands together.)

When we do not know what to do, we do not give up. When we are in trouble, God is with us.

‍(Link index fingers together.)

When we fall, we get back up.

(Crouch. Then, jump up.)‍‍

After sharing the story, explain that none of us are finished yet. We are all a “work-in-progress” — just like clay is inside a potter’s hands. Over time, God helps us grow and learn and develop into who we are supposed to be. And He uses all of it — all our mistakes, our hurts, and our pains. God is all-powerful. He can take all our brokenness and make it into something beautiful. That’s what He is busy doing in each of us.‍

Encourage your child to remember that it’s okay to feel confused or mixed up about who they are and where they do — or don’t — fit in. Feeling this way doesn’t feel good, but it’s completely normal. Everyone feels this way sometimes. Remind your child that the important thing is to remember that God isn’t finished yet. He’s still busy writing their story — a story of hope, love, and purpose. What an exciting future to look forward to!

After completing this activity, read through the following verse and prayer with your child.


And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished.

Philippians 1:6


Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank You for Your promise to work everything for good in our lives — even the hard and painful parts. Help us to have patience and trust in You as You continue to write the story of our lives. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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