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Getting your child involved in making a meal or preparing a school lunch can also be a great time to talk about love, too.


Begin by explaining that one way to show love is to give gifts. It’s fun to receive presents! But share that love isn’t just about things. It’s about actions, behaviors, and choices. Love is when someone shows up and helps, chooses to care, and respects the thoughts and feelings of others. These things — like love — are priceless and can’t be bought. Next, ask your child to pretend that the pot, pan, or lunchbox is actually him or her and that each item being put inside is one specific way that others can show him or her love. No cheating! No matter how small the ingredient (in the pot or pan) or trivial the item (in the lunchbox), each item can’t be placed inside until your child shares something specific that would make them feel loved by someone else. (This activity shows your child that you care about how he or she receives love. It will also help them become more reflective about how many people truly care about them.)‍

After the recipe is completed — or the lunch is packed — ask your child what all the different things they said had in common. (If your child struggles with this, help him or her by pointing out that everything they said was an action or a choice someone else made.)

Explain that while we can feel love, love is also an action. It’s a choice. When others say something kind, do something thoughtful, or care for us, they are choosing to love us. Feeling loved is a wonderful thing. But it’s not magic. Love doesn’t just happen. Love is something that we actively do.

Share that this is how Jesus loves us. Jesus didn’t just tell us that He loves us. He showed us His love by choosing to die on a cross, so that we could have a relationship with God.

After completing this activity, read through the following verse and prayer with your child.


But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us.

Romans 5:8 (NLT)


Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank You for Jesus! He showed us how much He loved us by giving up His life to save us. Help us to feel Your love every day and to show our love to ourselves and others through our actions, too.
In Jesus’ name, amen.

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