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May is for Movement

National Foster Care Month is a chance to petition God to move in our world — for the sake of His children.
Foster parent and teen walking with basketball

Imagine placing all your belongings in a single trash bag and not knowing where you’ll lay your head tomorrow night. You’re angry. You’re scared. But more than anything, you’re confused. What did I do to deserve this?

For some children in foster care, that is their reality. And though many have a better situation, the hardships leave none without wounds. Wounds that need Jesus. And prayer. May is a month for movement, where our petitions are brought before the Lord in a shared voice and request for him to move.

Not sure what to pray?

Foster care is a topic that can leave you speechless in your prayers. It’s not an easy solution. But here’s what we do know: God is called helper of the fatherless. He will stand by his name.

The Wait No More® prayer guide was distilled from decades of petitions for these children.

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves..."

Interested in being a foster parent?

Foster care is an incredible, intense calling. And one that is near to the heart of God. It’s one of the many ways to get involved.

Young girl in foster care