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Foster & Adoptive Families Need Your LOVE

support foster family by playing with kids in backyard

Many families are excited to jump into the beautiful adventure of helping a child in need through foster care or adoption. Surrounded by their friends and church, they take the leap. But suddenly, the challenges of helping a traumatized, lonely child become overwhelming. They anxiously wait for help from friends who readily cheered them on, but they are nowhere to be found. To support a foster family or adoptive family, means you are offering them a lifeline – someone who will help them on this journey through prayer, support, listening ears, and real-life help.

Maybe you’ve said things like this before. “I’m not ready to foster or adopt a child, but I want to do something.” In this video, you will hear the story of Shannon, a foster and adoptive mom who needed support, but was not sure how to ask for help. Maybe you’re not ready to foster or adopt. Maybe you’re not even ready to provide respite foster care. Shannon shares some practical ways to support a foster family or adoptive family through L.O.V.E. It doesn’t have to be complicated. The simplest gesture can mean so much. Consider how you can encourage and support a foster family or adoptive family today.

Check out the companion booklet to this video here.


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Help even when they don’t ask.

Kids (and families) need help, even when they don’t reach out. Wherever God is calling you, you can get involved.

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