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2000+ Suitcases for Children in Foster Care

2000+ Suitcases for Children in Foster Care

Thanks to generous donations, Wait No More® was able to provide over 2,000 suitcase bundles to children in…
What if that pier full of people engaged?

What Can You Do to Serve?

Sometimes, foster care and adoption can feel like you are standing on a pier, looking out into a…
Carrying Your Life in Trash Bags

Delivering 300 Suitcases to Children in Foster Care

Children in foster care often move between homes with their stuff in a garbage bag. Suitcases restore dignity…

From Trashbag to Suitcase: How a Small Act Can Make a Difference

Children and youth in foster care can move an average of seven times before the age of 18….
Family Photo

Sibling Perspective

What is it like to be the birth children in a foster or adoptive home? Listen to the…
Dr. Ford challenges the church to get involved by answering the question, "What's God Calling You To Do?"

What’s Your “YES”

God calls us in many ways, especially when it comes to serving children. Dr. Ford challenges the church…