Foster Care: Making a Difference During the Formative Years

According to the Office of Administration for Children and Families, children whose parents are no longer in the picture will wait more than a year and a half until they are adopted. While most children have a healthy parental influence during their formative years, these kids are left lacking. Jon and Dawn Stone, authors of Missional Fostering, advocate for supporting these children through foster care. They discuss the dangers kids in foster care go through and how we as a church can make an impact.
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Jon and Dawn Stone give their perspective as temporary parents to children in the foster care system as well as describe how having grace will change their lives as well as your own. Jean Daly also joins to share some heartwarming stories from her time fostering with Jim and encourages you to ask God how you can be involved in this community to make an impact for children in need!


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Help even when they don’t ask.

Kids (and families) need help, even when they don’t reach out. Wherever God is calling you, you can get involved.

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