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What Can You Do to Serve?

Sometimes, foster care and adoption can feel like you are standing on a pier, looking out into a vast ocean. Learn how to support those who are diving into the waters of foster care and adoption.
What if that pier full of people engaged?
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How You can Help Support Foster and Adoptive Families—Focus on the Family Broadcast

How You Can Help Support Foster and Adoptive Families

Jenn and Josh Hook, joined by Mike Berry, offer advice to help foster and adoptive families find training…
Support is a Two-Way Street

Dear Foster/Adoptive Families: Support is Not Optional

Jason Johnson is a foster and adoptive father. He knows firsthand the importance of accepting support from others….

Help even when they don’t ask.

Kids (and families) need help, even when they don’t reach out. Wherever God is calling you, you can get involved.

Father and son play basketball