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What We Do

Focus on the Family’s® Foster Care and Adoption program

The Wait No More® program from Focus on the Family prepares hearts and homes for kids in foster care—whether for a season, or a lifetime. We inspire families to become involved in the lives of waiting kids, since there are a lot of ways to make them feel loved—adoption is just one of them. Our nationwide events give families a positive place to start on this journey, offering education, spiritual encouragement and alleviating many of their fears and misperceptions. When it comes to kids, we say “Don’t wait,” because sometimes, our efforts today are the “present” they need most. With guidance or churches and communities on how to come alongside these families, plus postplacement resources and event scholarships, we are helping make sure kids in foster care experience the love of family, no matter how long they’ve waited.

Currently, the United States has more than 440,000* children and youth in foster care, ~120,000* of which are legally available for adoption.  These often-forgotten and vulnerable children need love and security as much as any other child. They live in temporary foster homes, moving frequently from place to place with no sense of permanency in their lives. Unless they are reunified with healthy families or adopted, they will exit or “age-out” of the system at age 18 and become adults who belong nowhere and have no personal connection with anyone.

At Focus on the Family, we believe that every child deserves to know the love of a family and that every family deserves the chance to thrive. Because of this, we are endeavoring to educate and empower families to help waiting children and youth in foster care.

Our initiative focuses on:

  • Free post-placement resources for a variety of challenges that foster and adoptive families may encounter, including: attachment issues, fetal alcohol syndrome, sensory deprivation and more.
  • Online content to encourage prospective foster and adoptive families through education, inspiration and personal testimonies.