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Navigating Kinship Care

Wendy McMahan is the President of For The Children, a former child welfare worker and a foster mom of all ages, she has seen foster families first-hand and the things they face. Kinship care can be tricky to navigate. But knowing how to understand and navigate your emotions and relationships can make a world of difference.
Navigating Kinship Care with Wendy Mcmahan
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Richard and Saleese Dixson with their grandchildren

Kinship Care: 5 Things to Know About Parenting Grandchildren

For nearly a decade, Richard Dixson has been a kinship care provider to his grandchildren. This is what…
Richard Dixson and his wife, Saleese, are raising their four grandchildren through kinship care.

Providing Kinship Care as a Grandparent

Providing kinship care as a grandparent can be challenging. But Richard Dixson has embraced the opportunity to parent…

Help even when they don’t ask.

Kids (and families) need help, even when they don’t reach out. Wherever God is calling you, you can get involved.

Father and son play basketball