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Foster Care Overview
Considering Foster Care?

Kids enter foster care through no fault of their own–typically because they have been abused, neglected, or abandoned and are unable to continue living safely with their families.

Throughout the United States, there are over 400,000* children and youth in foster care. The only thing permanent in their lives is the state in which they live. For many of these children and youth, the thought of being welcomed into a family seems like an unattainable dream. But with more than 300,000 churches throughout the US, those dreams could become a reality for many children.

Foster parents are needed in every part of our country. Being a successful foster parent is hard work. It requires opening yourself and your home. But it can also be the most gratifying work you will ever consider. The heart of it, of course, involves working directly with children and their families. But foster care also involves partnering with social workers, schools, and community resources to meet the needs of an infant, child, or teen. Different types of people can make good foster parents, since we all have our own special talents. But keep in mind that foster parenting is not for everyone. If your family is thinking about foster care, contact an agency near you and begin the discussion.